School History

History of St. Mary Catholic School

In  1867,  Father  O’Meara  and  Miss  Maggie McCowan were  the  first  to  organize  a  small  group  of  volunteer  lay  teachers,  and  Saint  Mary  Catholic  School  was  born.  The  school  came  at  a  time  of  great  transition  and  growth  within  Mobile.  The  Civil  War  had  ended  and  the  process  of  reconstruction  had  begun.  Mobile’s  population  had  grown  to  a  staggering  30,000,  which  meant  there  was  a  need  for  educating  the  Catholic  youth  in  the  growing  community.

In 1898, Father M.F. Filan  brought  the  Sisters  of  Mercy  from  Ireland,  laying  a  solid  foundation  for  Saint  Mary  School. 

For  more  than  a  century,  Saint  Mary  Catholic  School  has  continued  to  educate  the  leaders  of  our community.  Today,  through  faith  formation  and  a stellar education,  Saint  Mary  continues  to  produce  pioneers  and  leaders.  St.  Mary  Catholic  School  is  accredited  by  the  Southern  Association  of  Colleges  and  Schools.  This accreditation requires the school to meet higher educational standards.

Through parish and parent involvement and an excellent administrative staff and faculty we currently offer two classes per grade, with a current enrollment of over 500 students. Today St. Mary  Catholic  School  remains  in  a constant  state  of  growth  and  revitalization. As  Mobile  continues  to  grow  and  develop,  so  does  the  face  of  our  school.  Uniquely situated in historic midtown and near McGill-Toolen Catholic High School, St. Mary provides  families  from  various  professional  backgrounds  convenient  access  to a quality  education  for  their  children.

St. Mary Catholic School is the oldest existing Catholic elementary school in Alabama.  Today the main building is home to kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms, science lab, computer lab, resource room, library, gym, and a full-service cafeteria.  The top floor of the Sisters of Mercy Building is home to our middle school (6th-8th grades), while the bottom floor houses our pre-school classrooms for three and four year-olds.